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Famous Last Words

“I should never have switched from Scotch to martinis.”  Allegedly the last words of Humphrey Bogart before he died of cancer in 1957.

Welcome to my web page, Cyrus Alderwood, author of novels,Final Doosh Cover novellas and short stories about adventure, life, love, laughter, and other assorted topics of filth and ignorance. Thanks for stopping by to hang out. Grab yourself an adult beverage, put your feet up, and stay a while. Maybe we’ll come up with a wretched scheme to take over the world while we’re here.

You will find my work available on all online book retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Apple Store and probably a few others I am not aware of.  If you’ve read one of my books, thanks! I appreciate the hell out of that. If not, get ready for a side splitting adventure if you want to read one of my comedies. Those are:

A Man CallPot of Gold Covered Doosh

Pot of Gold

If you’re not into the whole laughter thing and you live somewhere out there in the Twilight Zone then please check out:

Bedtime Stories For the Terminally Afraid

Kick back on the couch late at night for that one and prepare to piss your pants with this short story collection from the horror genre. Rumor has it that this book has actually brought peace to certain parts of the Middle East. I can’t verify this as I’d probably not survive the trip if I went there to try.

Comedy or horror? Which is it, Cyrus? Pick one! Nah, I’m in my prime. I write all kinds of different stuff. So check back often. I’ll give you updates on my current works in progress and fill your brain with other useless information.


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