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2020 (COVID-19 SUCKS!)

Finally after the lockdown sort of end, I’ll have a few book signings at Big Walker Lookout in Wytheville, VA this year. Come see me (for sure) on June 27th from noon until 4 pm. There will be live music, friendly people, and my kickass books. See you there!

December 5th

Here’s a short update on my recent events. I was back on SuperTalk 92.9 FM with Kristi Slaughter in November (2019). We did something different this time on the show, we got political! I was on at the 9AM hour and the guest at 10AM was a phone in, another author from California talking about his first book, a satire on Trump. He’s was pretty far left of center. I was glad to hold down the fort for the first hour as a writer with more of a conservative/libertarian point of view.

I was back up at Big Walker Lookout near Wytheville, VA on December 1st. It was a last minute thing as I was invited back for the final artist driven event of the year, an after-Thanksgiving celebration. It’s always an honor to be invited to these events. Today I was invited for what will likely be my first event of 2020, a small art festival in my hometown of Richlands in early February. I’m looking forward to that. I haven’t had a book signing in my hometown in several years.

Saturday June 29th! Back on the radio!

I’ll be a guest on SuperTalk 92.7, the Kristi Slaughter Show at 10:15am. I know we’ll be discussing the recent release of Revelation Calling. However, I love being on this show and you never know where the discussion will lead. If you’re in the tri-cities area (Bristol, Johnson City, Kingsport) I hope you’ll tune in! For more on the Kristi Slaughter show, you can follow her on Facebook:

Upcoming Events (2019)

April 11th: Join me on Within The Chaos from 10 PM until Midnight. We’re going to discuss book stuff–mostly my horror works but we’ll get into some of the comedy. Within The Choas focuses on a lot of the paranormal, so strap in for a wild ride on this one folks! You can search the show on Facebook for the link. It’s hosted on Blogtalk Radio.

April 13th: I’ll be at the Highlands Writers Fair at the Washington County Library in Abingdon from 10 AM to 4 PM. Come by and pick up a signed copy of one of my books and meet some great regional writers taking part in the event.

April 27th: I’ll be signing books as part of a Meet the Author event at the Tazewell Co. Library in Tazewell, VA from 9AM until 1PM. I’ll also be doing a public Q&A and reading from one of my books at noon.

May 25th: I’ll be signing my upcoming book (a conspiracy theory/biblical thriller) at the Blackbird in Bristol, VA from 11AM until 1PM. This will be the first public viewing of this book.

*Thanks to the team at the Blackbird for hosting me this past Saturday. I greatly appreciate it and enjoyed meeting some really great people that stopped by!

June 15th: I’ll be at the Big Walker Mountain Overlook for a meet and greet and book signing (possibly a reading) from noon until 4 PM.

July 20th: I’ll be at the Big Walker Mountain Overlook for a meet and greet and book signing (possibly a reading) from noon until 4 PM.

August 11th: I’ll be at the Big Walker Mountain Overlook for a meet and greet and book signing (possibly a reading) from noon until 4 PM.

October 13th: I’ll be at the Big Walker Mountain Overlook for a meet and greet and book signing (possibly a reading) from noon until 4 PM.

New Release: The Chronicles of Barry Dick

When things get weird and a case needs solving you better have Barry on speed dial. A wounded and now unemployed Barry the Detective finds himself in sunny California drinking his problems away when he is lured back into work to help find Chasey’s missing brother. However, there’s a catch. He might have been abducted by aliens expecting him to pick up party supplies for the trip. Hot on the trail that leads them from coast to coast, they run into unexpected adventures along the way. What happens when a guy claims that he’s going to party on the outer rim, you toss in moonshine, a lizard man, AlienCon and a stripper ex-wife? Barry is here to find out. The Chronicles of Barry Dick is one hilarious scene after another.

To go to Amazon and see this comedic masterpiece, click here.

PhantomFest 2018

I’ll be signing books at PhantomFest 2018 in Russell County, Virginia on Saturday, November 3rd. Come out and see me, along with all of the others and enjoy meeting some new people and listening to some great speakers! I’ll be there from 10 am to the end of the festival at 6 pm.

Zazzy’s Coffee House-Abingdon, VA

I’ll be signing books from 11 am until sometime early afternoon (depending on how the crowd turns out) in the center room at Zazzy’s in Abingdon on September 8th! If you’re in the area stop by and have some coffee with me and let’s talk about my latest book, Grave Legends. See you there!

Highlands Festival 2018

I’ll be conducting a public reading (a piece to be chosen later) at the Virginia Highlands Festival in Abingdon, VA on Saturday, August 4th at 3 PM. I’ll also be available for a book signing from 3 Pm to 6 PM at Anthony’s on Main Steet (located near the post office). I’ll have copies of each of my books and hope to see a lot of people out at the festival enjoying the final weekend of the annual event.

Radio! Lew Gatch and Everybody’s Planning Hour WMKV

I love being on the radio. It’s always a lot of fun and you get the chance to meet some very interesting and diverse characters. We discussed the steps in the writing process and my upcoming book, Grave Legends, inspired by old Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati. That interview took place on May 9th. Lew was gracious enough to keep me the entire hour. We took some calls. Gave a couple of books away.

Back on the radio!!

Tune in to Supertalk 92.9 this weekend (April 21st-Saturday at 9 am to 11am). Host Kristi Slaughter and I will be discussing the writing process and giving a few helpful tips to first time writers. Also, a quick recap of my latest book, Dark Places. See you there!

Radio Interview

Catch me on SuperTalk WFHG (TriCities) in Bristol, VA/TN on Saturday, January 6, 2018 at 10 am with host Kristi Slaughter to discuss the upcoming release of my latest venture into horror, Dark Places!

Radio Interview

Thanks to Kristi Slaughter and the folks at SuperTalkWFHG radio for having me on this past Saturday (October 7, 2017). We spent time talking about the story behind my first comedy, Pot of Gold, and a bit more about my latest book, Tales From the Sunset Pub. They will eventually send me an mp3 of the interview and I’ll include it here and on the home page. I’ll also post it up on my social media links, so be sure to follow me on FaceBook and Twitter. Thanks again, SuperTalk!!

Tales From the Sunset Pub Released July 1, 2017

The paperback and Kindle versions became available and can be purchased on Amazon. I’ll be working on a few times and places this summer/fall for public book signings and will keep you posted on this! Check back often. Now…on to the next book!

If you’d like to contact me about a book signing, you can email me at Thanks!

Some Random Photos

I’ve spent some time lately meeting with other artists in my region and working on a short video project to promote the arts and artists through a non-profit that I helped form about three years ago. Lately I’ve had the pleasure of going back to Lake Witten, Bluefield, Whitetop Mountain, South Holston Lake (TN) as well as some other places. Here are a few photos from my recent travels.

south holston bristol tn


tazewell co


Thompson Valley
Thompson Valley


Sometime before the end of this year (2015) I will be doing another small free book giveaway on Facebook and Twitter. So make sure you follow me there. It will only be for a few signed copies (and make sure to please leave an honest comment and ranking on Amazon for me!!) so follow along and I’ll announce when that will be. It won’t be before Christmas Eve. It has been a good year of book promotion and I want to thank all of you that purchased a book for your Kindle/NOOK or bought a paperback copy from me. I appreciate all of your support and kind encouragement.


I’d like to thank Gina from Riding and Writing, a great blog that covers the arts and independent writers from all over. She recently did a brief interview with me and highlighted my work on her blog. I appreciate her efforts on behalf of all independent writers. You can read my interview here.


I will be set up for at least two days for a book signing during the Virginia Highlands Festival as a part of the Appalachian Authors Guild. As the event gets closer I will post details. However, this event is confirmed. I’ll decide what two or three days I’ll be available then.


Depending on time available I may be scheduling and upcoming book signing at a local owned book store in Galax, VA. If that happens I will post the date and time here. Check back.


Latest news for those that follow me on this site, Facebook, and Twitter. I recently had a book signing in Abingdon, VA at Zazzy’z. Thanks so much to those guys for hosting that event. I met a lot of great folks and had some great conversation with readers and patrons that day.

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