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Bedtime Stories For the Terminally Afraid

I finally have my collection of horror short stories available in paperback. This is a revision of the early drafts, having went through several rounds of edits to help make this a better version than the one previously released for ebook.

Here’s the Amazon description:

Discover the twisted tales of Bedtime Stories For the Terminally Afraid by Cyrus Alderwood, one of today’s most unique storytellers. This varied collection of macabre stories leaves you dangling somewhere between the edge of your seat and the edge of your mind.

You’ll find endings you never saw coming in these shorts that include stories about hauntings, demonic possessions, ancient folklore, murder beyond the grave and the craziest vampire story you will ever read, among others. Alderwood’s unconventional style will leave you looking forward to his next book!

Click on the image to go to the Amazon link. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you dig the short stories! Please be kind and leave me an honest ranking and comment on Amazon. Much appreciated!

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