Gonzo Chronicles-Book Two

That’s right! The Gonzo Chronicles of Barry Dick is back. The Rougarou Blues will take you on a wild journey, as if the first book in the series wasn’t crazy enough.

There’s a blood moon over Bourbon Street. Super slueth of the supernatural, Barry Dick, is in New Orleans working on a dangerous case for a stump jumping gigolo who’s being stalked by a rougarou—the dreaded Cajun werewolf! The problem is this swampbilly has a long line of ex’s, all of whom would love to shove a spicy crawdad up his exit port.While Barry tries to keep this Louisiana lothario out of the hairy embrace of the rougarou he’s got a problem of his own–it seems that while in a drunken stupor he sold his soul to the devil! And while he can now play the harmonica like a puckered blues god, he’s got ol’ Scratch hot on his heels to collect his debt.

Fortunately Barry doesn’t have to depend on his wits because he also has the talents of his two jiggle-licious assistants, Chasey and Madison. Between the three of them Barry might have a chance to figure out how to reverse the curse of the rougarou while renegotiating his deal with Beelzebub, preferably to one that doesn’t include an eternity of hellfire!

It’s available on Amazon, $4.99 on Kindle, $12.95 in paperback.

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