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Tales From the Sunset Pub NOW AVAILABLE!

Tales From the Sunset Pub had a July 1, 2017 release on Amazon and is available in paperback for $9.95 and Kindle for $3.99.

When an eccentric collection of friends and neighbors come together because of their love of good conversation, adventure and cold beer you get this odd and varied collection of exploits called Tales From the Sunset Pub. This collection of short stories covers multiple genres as it takes you on a wild ride following the usual suspects that call the Sunset Pub their second home. Along the way sweet liberty is rediscovered, the secrets of the universe are revealed, love has been won and lost, and souls saved! Well, that might be a stretch but it depends on who you ask. Tag along in this adventure that takes you from the dirty jokes from bartenders, to the savage world of war in Vietnam, to the heat and debauchery of Las Vegas. These fun loving characters will put a smile on your face. Tales From the Sunset Pub is the place where Cheers meets The Hangover, with one wild tale after another.

This book is dedicated to all my pals in Cincinnati that used to frequent the pub. I’ve made friendships with these nefarious savages that I hope will last a lifetime! Thanks for the inspiration to finally get around to writing this book. Click on the book cover below to go to Amazon. Cheers!!

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