The Gonzo Chronicles Podcast

I have to tell you folks, I’ve really been enjoying doing the podcast. I was hoping it wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, but it’s like having my own radio show and I have no time limit or commercial interruptions, no filter, and no censorship. We all get enough of that on Twitter and Facebook these days. Besides, as I’ve said on the show a million times, I don’t believe in censorship. In fact, after I record the show I upload it for you to listen to right away. I don’t even bother to edit the recording. Seems to me like that would be a bit dishonest. If I have a guest on the show and we venture off topic, I want to take the listeners there with me. The conversations (or rants) are all unfiltered and unedited. I hope that the listeners appreciate that fact.

The Gonzo Chronicles will soon reach 40 episodes. That’s a pretty big deal for me. When I started this show I didn’t know how long it would last, actually. I tried to have guests on with me as often as possible because it made me feel more comfortable. It’s a lot easier to have that conversation with another person, talk about topics with someone else. It felt more natural. Honestly, it wasn’t until about episode 25 or so that I felt comfortable enough to record without a guest. It was that episode where I talked about depression, the one where I literally poured out my soul to an invisible audience. Now I realize that even if I don’t have a guest I’m still having a conversation. It is with YOU. Thanks for tuning in. Many more shows to come. Cheers!

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