The Unexplained Scream

Have you ever experienced something that could not be logically explained? I asked this question on a random Facebook post and got some pretty interesting and disturbing responses. I asked this question for a reason, actually. I’m a healthy skeptic, although I do tend to be fascinated by the strange and macabre, not to mention every conspiracy theory you could possibly think of. This kind of thinking leads me to write the things I do, be it comedy or horror or anything in between. It’s the fear and excitement that comes with the unknown and unexplainable that touches something in each and every one of us. And like all the others that responded to that post, I also have more than a couple of things that I have seen that I can’t easily explain.

The first one that comes to mind happened back in 2005 in Cincinnati. A friend of mine lived on Sunset Avenue, a few steps away from the neighborhood hangout the Sunset Pub. Now, let me preface this by saying that I really liked the 3-story house he and his girlfriend at the time (Jennifer) had bought. It was one of the first houses built in that neighborhood back in 1917 or 1914. Not sure which year, but it was one those. So, a long damn time ago. The house always did have a strange feel to it, especially the basement. It didn’t look like a traditional basement. I lived two blocks away in a house built back then, too. The basement in mine was more traditional, his basement looked like it had dungeon rooms in it.

Like I mentioned before, I’m a skeptic. Just because something has a strange “feel” to it doesn’t really mean much to me. However, later I came to learn that sometimes doors to other rooms in the house would be open when they woke up, doors that were closed when they went to bed. They didn’t want to think much about it, so they brushed it off. One door that would sometimes be open was a door on the second floor that led upstairs to the third floor. The only problem with this scenario was that that particular door had to be opened with some force. They had hardwood floors on the first two floors of the house. The stairs leading from the second floor to the third had a thick carpet on them, as did the third floor. The door rubbed the carpet pretty hard, so to open the door you had to pull it with significant force. A gust of wind blowing through the house isn’t opening that damn door is what I’m trying to say. And you can hear it opening, that scraping sound on the carpet and the vibration of the door once you opened past the carpet. But that door would be open from time to time.

So, on to the weird event! One winter night I was at the house with my friend, Blaine, and another one of our friends named Jim. We were standing in the front doorway, putting on our jackets, and getting ready to walk down to the pub to enjoy a pint or two when there was a power outage in the neighborhood. The entire neighborhood had a blackout. Suddenly a sound coming from upstairs in the house scared the wits out of all three of us. Mostly because we were the only ones in the house. Jennifer was already down at the pub waiting on us.

This sound was something I’ll never forget. Allow me to describe it bluntly. It was a loud blood-curdling shriek from a woman the likes of which you sometimes hear in horror movies. I mean, a real scream queen let one out in the house that night. The lights were only off for a few seconds but when they came back on I was already up the first flight of stairs. Blaine and Jim were still standing right where they were when the lights went out, but their jaws were nearly on the floor. I knew at that moment they heard the same damn thing I did. Now, can you guess what door was open when I reached the second floor? Yep, that “stuck” door leading up to the third floor of the house, the one no one ever used. When I started up to the top floor I could hear the heavy footsteps of my friends coming behind me.

When I got to the top floor I looked around everywhere. It was dark, but the street lamps were back on. I even stopped to look at the windows, to see my reflection…to see if there was a reflection of someone or something else in the room with me. When I realized I was looking for that a cold chill went straight up my spine. I had never seen a ghost before, it never occurred to me to ask if I was even ready to see one if they existed. I still haven’t seen one to this day.

I tried to think of any reason to explain away what we heard. Maybe a short in one of the outlets that caused a loud shrieking sound? I don’t know. But deep down I know what I heard. We all knew. That scream came from inside that house. It didn’t stop me from going back, but that was always in the back of my mind whenever I was there.

I’ve had two other weird things that have happened to me since, but I’ll write about those another day. Have a story of your own to share? Well…you can always leave it in the comments.

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