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What’s on your reading list for 2016?

I’ve started my 2016 reading challenge on Goodreads by pledging to read a minimum of 50 books this year. This is the first week of the year and I’m hoping to finish Lost At Sea by Jon Ronson. I also about halfway through Slaughterhouse Five, a classic by Kurt Vonnegut.

I recently purchased a historical book about the Trail of Tears and rise and fall of the Cherokee nation. I’m looking forward to getting into that as well as working on my own writing projects.

What’s on your reading list? Feel free to connect with me on Goodreads or comment below. I’m always looking for something that is a bit out of the usual kind of books I like to read. Last year I delved into some works from what is called “The Forbidden Bookshelf.”

I’d be honored if you’d add one of my books to your reading list this year. Start with Pot of Gold (unless you’re just a die hard horror fan and want to try one of my horror novels). Click on the link to buy for your Kindle or stop by my Buy A Book page.

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